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WINR improves the “ad-funded” commercial model for digital publishers through an innovative, Content Sponsorship Platform (CSP) that delivers real human engagement. See how it works
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What We Do

Transparent content sponsorship for digital publishers.

How It Works

WINR’s AdGate™ platform provides a new revenue stream beyond conventional ads or paywalls.

Our unique formats compensate publishers for each user engagement or AdGate™ served.

The AdGate™ Platform Delivers Up To

Interaction Rates
10x - 20x
Click-Through Rates
5x - 10x
Industry Standard CPM
*Google Display Benchmarking, 2018 [https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com]

What we do differently

Conventional display advertising doesn’t perform well in traditional editorial environments.

This creates critical challenges for most digital publishers, who are increasingly forced to compete with other channels (social, search, affiliate) for advertising dollars or otherwise deploy a paywall, which ultimately limits growth.

Why It Works

We stop
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Making ‘Ad-Funded’ Work Better

WINR’s AdGate™ provides an attractive, sustainable alternative to both banner ads, advertorial and consumer paywalls.

Key Benefits

We create highly engaging brand experiences that enable a fair “transaction” between the primary stakeholders in the digital media supply chain.



Improved Ad Yields & Increased Revenue
Avoids “Growth Capping” Caused By Conventional Paywalls
Sustainable Monetisation Source Backed By User Engagement
Advertiser - Benefits


100% Viewable - No Ad Blindness - No Ad Waste***
Ultra-High Engagement & Improved Brand Recall
Positive Association As Content Sponsor/Benefactor
Consumer - Benefits


Instant, Free Access To Premium Content & Digital Services
Low Friction UX
Directly Supports Publisher Through Sponsorship
***Campaigns running on CPE-only

How Can We Help?

Learn more about how AdGate™ can create engaging advertising experiences for your business, or contact us to take the next step.

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