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What we do is really simple, but the potential impact for publishers and advertisers is enormous.


WINR is a media technology company. We support digital publishers using our platform, AdGate™ – an advertiser-funded paywall that gives publishers a sustainable, incremental revenue stream while simultaneously providing exceptional brand engagement for advertisers and instant access to content for audiences.

With AdGate™ we’ve created a win:win:win scenario that creates a true value exchange and fundamentally meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Our Team

Marcelo Ulvert
Chief Executive Officer
Malcolm Treanor
Chief Operating Officer
Perry Lyndon-James
Chief Product Officer
Scott Lawrence
Chief Technology Officer

Our Advisors

Jerry Yohananov
James Perry

Announcements & Media

Australia’s Chance To Build A New Data Independence Era For Publishers?

B&T 22 March 2021

Marcelo Ulvert is the Co-Founder and CEO of Australian media technology company WINR. In this piece, he presents the case on why publishers and advertisers should move towards a new data collection and monetisation model. Over the past decade, as the Internet giants including Facebook and Google grew their audiences, we observed the AdTech industry […]

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Australian publishers given more independence from Internet giants with WINR’s consent-based first-party data platform

By: WINR 3 March 2021

WINR launches AdGate™ Audience Builder to enable publishers to collect their own first-party data and insights at scale, increasing audience engagement and revenue while reducing reliance on Internet giants. Australian media technology company WINR today announced the launch of AdGate™ Audience Builder, the industry’s first platform that enables publishers to gather their own first-party identity […]

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Advertiser-Funded Paywall Helps Publishers Improve Yield Sixfold

B&T 4 September 2020

With digital media continually evolving, publishers are on the lookout for new ways to monetise their content.

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WINR appoints Verizon Media’s Aaron Macarthur as commercial director

By: WINR 4 September 2020

WINR has ramped up the growth of Australia’s first ad-funded paywall, appoints Verizon Media’s Aaron Macarthur. A month after launching Australia’s first advertiser-funded paywall, WINR has appointed Verizon Media’s Aaron Macarthur as its Commercial Director. Macarthur will be supported by a newly announced advisory board; James Perry, former Head of Audience & Publishing Partnerships at […]

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Swapping Impressions For Attention: How We Can Fix Online Advertising

B&T 13 August 2020

It’s referred to by some industry commentators as ‘banner blindness’ – the process whereby website users unconsciously skip or ignore banner ads. While the first banner ad managed to achieve a 44 per cent CTR, today, this figure sits at around 0.05 per cent. In other words, a marketer can expect five clicks per every […]

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Advertiser-Funded Paywall Launches in Australia

ExchangeWire 23 July 2020

AdGate, a paywall funded by advertisers to support publishers, has launched in Australia. The feature, developed by Australian media technology firm Winr, seeks to bolster publisher revenues as demand for display declines.

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