Engagement AdvertisingDelivered

AdGate™ is embedded directly into premium editorial content that users are already paying attention to – delivering instant, free access to content through sponsored engagement.

How It Works

Step One

User Arrives On Article

Step One - Advertisers
Step Two - Advertisers
Step Two

AdGate™ Appears Embedded Mid-Article

Step Three

User Engages & Unlocks Content Instantly

Step Three - Advertisers

Key Benefits

Consumer Opt In

Consumers initiate the brand interaction in exchange for access to content they are already attuned to.

100% Viewable – No Blindness – No Ad Waste

Our CPE (cost per engagement) model means advertisers only pay when a user has seen and engaged with the AdGate™.

Whitelisted Publisher Network

We have direct relationships with our publishing partners and do not traffic your ads across open networks where placement visibility and transparency is questionable.

Creative Versatility & Insightful Data Collection

Combine great visuals with user feedback to create dynamic offers based on user responses. Alternatively, AdGate™ can also be used to collect valuable data at scale or even educate your audience.

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