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WINR’s AdGate™ Audience Builder utilises engagement to build compliant first party audience data segments and authenticated, addressable users – assisting publishers and advertisers in creating and deepening the value of their online audiences.

WINR - build audiences at scale

Go from this

The Typical 'Shallow' Audience.

The Typical 'Shallow' Audience

To this

'Deepened' Audience Using Audience Builder.

'Deepened' Audience Using Audience Builder

Raise the value of your digital audience

Raise the value of your digital audience with Audience Builder

How it works


Publishers can use WINR’s Audience Builder in place of a traditional paywall allowing free access to content in exchange for one-step authentication (typically requesting a name and verifiable email). This can also be implemented as a passive placement in a standard ad slot.


Over time Audience Builder captures individual opt-in responses to survey questions posed from publishers or sponsoring advertisers and creates corresponding audience segments using pixels that are activated when a user clicks on an answer.


Publishers can sell – and advertisers can buy these high value segments to run ultra targeted display media campaigns based on declared sentiment and intent data.

* Publishers can elect to utilise:

  • The entire Audience Builder system (steps 1-3), or alternatively;
  • The Database Building functionality (step 1), or;
  • The Data Segmentation functionality (steps 2-3).