Sustainable Audience Monetisation

Boost your ARPU with AdGate™ without limiting your audience growth.

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The Best Of Both Worlds.

With AdGate™ – we’ve taken the best of the ad-funded and paywall models and combined them into an innovative commercial platform to support digital publishers.


High yield per user

(5x -10x average CPMs)
Due to exceptional interaction rates and viewability


No loss of audience

AdGate’s engagement rates fall within average publisher bounce rates


Incremental revenue channel

Runs easily in parallel existing ad-tech stacks or paywall technology

A WINR of a model.

  • Obtain exceptional engagement & interaction rates
  • Remove concerns around ad viewability, ad blindness and ad-waste
  • Access to target audiences in quality whitelisted, brand safe environments
  • Generate sustainable, incremental digital revenues
  • Maximise audience potential (no loss of audience)
  • Diversify their commercial position and mitigate their risk profile
  • Instant access to quality content
  • 1-click per week = frictionless payment mechanism
  • No credit cards, registrations or sign ups required

Millions of engagements served.

WINR’s AdGate™ generates:
eCPMs(vs. Standard Formats)
eCPMs(vs. Other Rich Media providers)
Partner Retention Rate(over 2 year period)

How it works:


AdGate™ Displays to a first time user

A user is greeted with key messaging from the publisher to help contextualise things for the user.


User interacts with AdGate™

A 1-click interaction with an ad triggers a new 7x day period of access for the user.


AdGate™ Goes Dormant

The interaction grants 1x full week of access to the user before the cycle is initiated once more.

From a user’s perspective, 1x interaction (click) effectively pays for 7x days of open access – ensuring the value exchange remains highly sustainable.


AdGate™ allows for publisher branding (whitelabeling) and instructional messaging in order for the units to reside more “natively” within article template – conveying trust, credibility, and ultimately increasing engagement.

Articulating the why

Every AdGate™ explains to users:

  1. What it is
  2. What it does
  3. How often it will display – and
  4. Why the reader is seeing it

WINR currently operates a managed service whilst we develop integrations with all major DSPs.

As part of this, we’re able to maximise our experience & expertise in generating exceptional attention-driven advertising outcomes for our clients using Xandr’s SSP to serve programmatically.

Working with us includes:

  • High yield, incremental revenue
    (Can run in parallel with existing ad-tech stacks or paywalls)
  • Frictionless micropayment platform – no loss of audience
  • Ad served solution (no dev time)
    No code on page required. No changes to ad server or page required.
  • Transparent reporting & dashboard access
  • Low frequency capping (1x per week)
  • Wide variety of formats to suit all audience types
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