Case Study


Balmain sources qualified new leads for its Private Mortgage Income Trust.
Boosting customer acquisition with WINR’s AdGate™
Higher Interaction RateVs. Standard Display Average*
Higher Click Through RateVs. Standard Display Average**
Higher Interaction RateVs. Rich Media Display Average***
Higher Click Through RateVs. Rich Media Display Average****

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The client.

Balmain is Australia's leading non-bank commercial property loans manager.

Since its foundation in 1979, Balmain has originated over $35 billion in commercial property loans. Today it has 7 offices in Australia, over 120 staff and is one of the leaders in the non-bank property lending Sector. Balmain’s volume of transactions and credit cycle experience is unmatched in the non-bank sector.

The Campaign Goals.


Lead Generation

Direct relevant users to download Balmain’s Private Investment Fact Sheet. In doing so, users were required to register key contextual and contact information with Balmain – becoming qualified leads for potential investment in the process.



Develop Brand/Product Awareness

In order to serve the main priority (generate potential candidates for investment), it was important to establish Balmain as a credible, trusted authority in the sector and highlight the key USP so that new target audiences would be comfortable and positively motivated in providing their personal information.

The strategy.

Audience (Who We Reached)

Predominantly Male (ages 25-54)
Tertiary Educated
High Income > 95k/annum (individually)
High Income > 135k/annum (individually)


Content focus on business, finance, economics, entrepreneurship and technology.


Location Specific

Balmain needed to target Australian domicile investors. This required us to geo target the campaign to the six Commonwealth States, NT and ACT.


Due to their responsive design, AdGate™ units run on mobile, tablet and desktop, ensuring the simplicity of a single buy across all devices.

The campaign creative.

AdGate Slide.


AdGate Carousel.

AdGate™ loads part way into an article (concealing the final paragraphs) and creates a value exchange whereby a simple brand interaction (answering a question, swiping or tapping a button) instantly unlocks the rest of the article.

WINR utilised multiple AdGate™ variations to engage Balmain’s target audience and focus their attention on Balmain’s key value proposition (exceptional monthly investment returns) with a call to action to download an Investment Fact Sheet – and in doing so created a pool of qualified leads for Balmain’s sales team to contact.

The results.
Impressions Served
Engagements Served
Clicks to Sign Up Form
Click-through Rate
Engagement/Interaction Rate
Click to Conversion Rate
In their words.

WINR worked constructively with us to optimise the offer positioning and creative which had a positive, measurable impact on performance, resulting in a significant increase in lead volume and consistency from the campaign.

We’re happy to be working with WINR as a key partner on our display media strategy moving forward.

Quince SeldenHead of Marketing, Balmain NB Corporation

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