Case Study


AdGate™ Audience Builder Delivers Compliant Identity Data At Scale
The Publisher.

About DAZN

DAZN is the largest global sports streaming platform in the world and the operator of and in the Australian region.

DAZN aims to differentiate its media properties through a better fan experience, with an emphasis on unique and in-depth content leveraging DAZN’s rights and behind-the-scenes access.

The Publisher's Challenges.
  • Publishers like DAZN have been impacted by Safari, Firefox and most recently Chrome in a growing movement to end support for third-party cookies which enable much of the targeting logic underpinning digital advertising infrastructure.
  • Publishers who rely on third-party cookies for identity, now risk rapid and material declines in market share and revenue due to these changes.
  • In response, publishers must create their own first party identity and insights data to compete effectively.

AdGate™ Audience Builder enables publishers to create their own 1st party segments at scale with a simple, low friction interaction embedded in article content.

How it works.

User arrives on an article.


Engagement Step:
AdGate™ Audience Builder appears, embedded midway into the article.


DMP or DSP segment pixels are embedded in AdGate answer buttons. These “fire” when a user clicks on an answer; the data is then immediately recorded in the designated DMP/DSP for which can be activated or on-sold by the publisher.


Registration Step:
User interacts & registers their email address (either to access the article or qualify for an incentive).


Content is unlocked once user has engaged or provided their email address.

There is also a ‘Skip’ option available.

Campaign examples.

A Selection of Campaigns Run With DAZN
Sporting News
The results.

Operating on test volumes only, AdGate™ Audience Builder was able to deliver a >16% engagement rate and a >1% email sign up rate. This, when compared with industry standard survey units which typically average 1-2% engagement rates indicates Audience Builder’s enormous potential for 1st party data segmentation.

* Engagement Rate = User Responses/Impressions
** Registration Rate = Valid Email Addresses/Impressions

Days In Flight
Engagement Rate*
Audience Engagements Recorded
Validated Registration Rate**