Case Study

Interplay Media

WINR delivers Interplay Media market-leading eCPMs over an 18 month period.
Yield Improvementvs. Standard Display Average
In period active*
Yield Improvementvs. Rich Media Average
In period active*
The partner.
Zero Tackle
Zero Hanger
Zero Scrum
Zero Wicket
Zero Tennis
Zero Striker
Zero US Sports
Zero Throttle
Zero Tipper

About Interplay

Interplay Media produces world class digital sports platforms as well as premium, outsourced sports content to clients and partners around the world.

Interplay’s experienced team of journalists and digital producers cover all of the major Australian sports, including Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, cricket, basketball and horse racing.

Following the success of their flagship site – Interplay launched nine other sites that collectively reach between 500,000 to 1 Million users each month.

The Partnership Goals.


Boost Interplay's ARPU With Incremental, High-Yield Revenues

We deployed WINR’s AdGate™ formats across both desktop and mobile audiences to generate maximum coverage.



Generate Ongoing Engagement & Support

We used AdGate’s unique Info Modal tool to educate readers on how to support publishers like Interplay through brief engagements with sponsoring advertisers (improving the CPM yields and campaign fill rates).

Every AdGate™ explains to users:

  1. What it is
  2. What it does
  3. How often it will display - and
  4. Why the reader is seeing it
Campaign examples.

A selection of campaigns run with Interplay

BlueBet Carousel - Racing Campaign - League Unlimited
BizCover AdGate - Campaign - Zero Tackle
BlueBet AdGate - NRL Campaign - Zero Tackle
Maroon Member AdGate - Campaign - League Unlimited
BlueBet AdGate - AFL Campaign - Zero Hanger
Budget Direct AdGate - Campaign - Zero Hanger
The results.
Ad Engagements Served
Interaction/Engagement Rate
Average Gross eCPM
Average Net eCPM
In their words.

With the massive changes that have occurred in online media over the last decade, commercial technology partners like WINR have become critically important to the ongoing success of digital publishers like Interplay. 

We’ve enjoyed our two year partnership with the WINR Team and look forward to future innovations that will continue to support our growing platforms.

James SpinksManaging Director, Interplay Media/Zero Digital