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WINR’s Kaptiv™ acquisition and data segmentation platform enables performance marketers and publishers to generate quality, customer leads or audiences at scale.

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WINR’s Kaptiv™ acquisition and data segmentation platform

How it works


Across our expansive, global partner network, each day we create thousands of driven opportunities to acquire fully compliant and consenting 1st party data.


Using our proprietary Kaptiv Audience Segmentation (K-A-S) system and technology, we’re able to identify, analyse and characterise the most relevant segments from collected data (your existing data, or data we collect on your behalf).


We then analyse and classify the highest-converting segments to focus future marketing acquisition efforts on – thereby both enhancing the efficiency of your internal marketing activity, as well as any media buying on our partner network WINR undertake on your behalf.


Finally, KAS coding can be appended to your entire customer/user database via Realtime API (or Batch) to create a uniform segmentation system and identify additional cross-sell and upsell opportunities.