Australian publishers given more independence from Internet giants with WINR’s consent-based first-party data platform

WINR launches AdGate™ Audience Builder to enable publishers to collect their own first-party data and insights at scale, increasing audience engagement and revenue while reducing reliance on Internet giants.

Australian media technology company WINR today announced the launch of AdGate™ Audience Builder, the industry’s first platform that enables publishers to gather their own first-party identity and insights at scale, to create addressable audiences.

This comes at a time when the future funding of journalism is in question, with Australian publishers both losing revenue to, and struggling to work with, social media and Internet giants.

According to Marcelo Ulvert, Founder and CEO of WINR: “The adtech model supply chain, as it stands today is dominated by a few internet giants. We want to support a move that gives back balance and equality to our local publishing industry. As such, we are on a mission to provide publishers with the tools to be in charge of their own destiny, and empower them to thrive regardless of what happens in the industry.”

As support for third-party cookies draws to a close, it is evident there has been an over reliance on cookie-based identifiers for the delivery of targeted advertising, and an under investment from publishers in first-party data. The impact, according to a recent Google study includes a decrease in publisher revenue by 52%. This, combined with a very unstable social media landscape, could put publishers at greater risk.

“It is critical the publishing industry gains more independence and control over their own audience and put mitigation strategies in place as the standoff between news, government and big tech continues. With data being at the core of the ad tech industry, it is vital we move to a new collection and utilisation model that gives publishers more autonomy,” added Ulvert.

AdGate™ Audience Builder provides publishers with the power to seamlessly build their own first-party and declared data assets, at scale. This, in turn, powers the creation of addressable audiences for revenue generating activities. AdGate™ Audience Builder prioritises compliance and transparency for consumers without relying on Internet and social media giants. It means publishers can increase audience engagement, grow their value proposition for advertisers, and give consumers quality journalism for free while protecting privacy.

Over the last 6 months, WINR has been working with several publishers including Now To Love and Are Media to benchmark and test AdGate™ Audience Builder. It has, on average achieved over 20% engagement rate, much higher than the industry’s average.

WINR entered the market in 2019, with the launch of the first ever advertiser-funded paywall to go to market in Australia. Since then, it has received an Acceleration Commercialisation Industry Grant from the Federal Government. This has been instrumental in supporting the creation of the disruptive AdGate™ platform and a more sustainable ad tech data model.

About WINR

WINR is a media technology company building innovative commercial solutions for digital advertisers and publishers.

WINR is the creator of AdGate™ and AdGate™ Audience Builder that give publishers a sustainable, incremental revenue stream as well as the ability to create addressable audiences by gathering their own consent-based first-party data, at scale.

AdGate™ meets the needs of brands, publishers and consumers. Increasing the value proposition for advertisers, enabling publishers to sustainably monetise their editorial content and giving consumers quality journalism for free ensures a fair transaction for all.

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