Publishers and Vendors acknowledge the need for privacy-first approach to identifiers

Yet another brilliant article from Digiday (no, I don’t have shares, but I’ll be asking!), this time in their Confessions Series by Seb Joseph. His article highlights the absolute need for privacy to be at the forefront of the data strategies that will prove to be crucial to advertisers moving forward. Especially so given the hardened stance that Google (quite rightly) has taken on user-level tracking.

However, as his subject states: “Identity, identity, identity! That’s all ad tech and buy-side seem to talk about. Perhaps they should consider how that word sounds in the ears of regulators and lawmakers. No one in the eco-system seems to think of privacy compliance.”

And they have a fair point. Although, I’m not sure that it applies to all vendors in the eco-system, having heard recently from Matterkind, LiveRamp and most impressively, Gabbi Stubbs of Adobe.

Her message at the Programmatic Summit in Sydney last week was: “Get cracking on 1st party data collection. Or if you’ve started, then keep growing it!” She was absolutely clear about her four C’s: “ Clarity, Choice, Consent and Compliance and the requirement to prioritise governance and policy within the strategies.” So basically, get moving at scale but with privacy at the forefront of your mind…

This ties into the ongoing message from the likes of WINR that it’s vital to have a fair value exchange between publishers, advertisers and the readers that we serve. The shift is happening so quickly and delivering first party data at scale is a challenge.

This is our take on it:

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