Did you miss your news on Facebook? Well… the game just changed again

In under a week, we’ve seen Facebook completely remove news from Australian users, only to reverse their decision days later. Never has there been such a clear example of the need to have mitigation strategies in place for Australian publishers as the standoff between news and big tech continues.

The damage is done. Last week, many small, medium, and large publishers woke to find that their traffic had been decimated in the unilateral action taken by Facebook with no consultation. Indeed, we found our own clients took a 30% hit on their impressions the following day!

Impression volumes of WINR clients reduce significantly since changes on 17th February.

Now, more than ever, publishers need to take responsibility for their own destiny to mitigate the changes that are created by the whims of Big Tech and potential regulatory change.

Urban List’s founder and CEO, Susannah George, said in a Mumbrella article that Facebook’s call “will have a significant and detrimental impact far beyond the media landscape.”

Rob Stott, Editorial Director of Junkee, commented that “this decision will undoubtedly have an outsized effect on small and medium-sized digital publishers, which will have a significant detrimental impact on the diversity of media voices available to Australians.”

The removal of third-party cookies from the AdTech ecosystem reinforces the need for publishers to undertake first party data collection at scale – building and deepening their addressable audiences. At the same time, if advertisers can’t buy targetable audiences on chrome, then they will inevitably seek direct relationships with publishers to access compliant first party data.

Publishers have a huge opportunity to boost data-driven revenues and mitigate further loss of revenues to Google and Facebook.

WINR is a media technology company building innovative commercial solutions for digital advertisers and publishers.

Our AdGate™ Audience Builder solution delivers consent-based first party data capture, at scale, for the purpose of building and deepening owned audiences.

Indeed, WINR recently received a Government Grant, supporting the growth of our disruptive AdGate™ platform to enable publishers and advertisers to take more ownership and control of their audiences while improving ad revenue streams.

Trent Zimmerman MP, visits WINR offices in December to confirm the approval of a grant to help WINR support Australian Digital Publishers.

Platforms such as AdGate can rapidly help publishers build incredible volumes of personal, sentiment and intent data to ensure that they can still provide the required level of targeting for the advertisers they service.

Here are some examples of how AdGate™ Audience Builder works:

Sporting News: http://bit.ly/2ZLGj4g
Daily Planet: https://bit.ly/2MfuSi9

A clear focus on a First Party Data strategy, will help publishers sell more effectively and this approach is vital if publishers are to reduce reliance on Big Tech, retain and grow their revenues and frankly, survive in the new environment.

Contact us at sales@winr.com.au or via our enquiry form.

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